Copy and paste this document into your email, or send it to me as an attachment.  Include a head and shoulders photo if possible. If this is too tricky then just send me an email with the information!  My email address can be found on the website  Cambridge Drawing     Hope to hear from you!

Application for Life Model

It is very helpful to have as much information as possible including a simple face picture.









Date of birth



Hair Colour

Hair style

Have you modelled before?  (Where?  Who with?)

What days and times are you available?


Are you available in the daytime?

How long will you be in Cambridge?

What else are you doing in the week?  (E.g. job, studying, childcare…)

Some classes are outside of the city centre and buses are unreliable. How will you travel the 4 km to the classes?

What exercise do you do? (Mention also any dance, gym, diving, yoga or similar interests.)

What kind of modelling work do you want?

o  PORTRAIT          o  NUDE        o  PHOTOGRAPHY        o  UNDECIDED

Why do you want to model?

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