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New time, new day, new venue, but same old teacher

 Wednesdays  10.00 - 12.30pm Five weeks beginning Wednesday 13th July 2022

Wednesday 10th August 2022  - last in the current series 
Longer Pose - the Academic Nude 
Getting it all in, careful observation of light and dark, and sensitive use of outline are all key in the French academy tradition. 

 If you know about the class, as you do, you can just turn up and see how it goes. You do not need to book, and in all probability you will have vouchers or two credits to use up, so you will have nothing to pay.

There are no restrictions. You do not need to wear a mask anywhere in the building. I will try to set the fire exit doors ajar for a bit more ventilation.  As yet I cannot offer tea or coffee so please bring your own

Beginners welcome
Two models

at *The Meadows Centre
 1 St Catherine's Road, Cambridge CB4 3XJ
*New venue, 500 metres from the old 'Buchan Street'
at the end of Arbury Road.

The French painter Pierre Paul Prud'hon perhaps defines what we think of as 'life drawing'.  He was working in the academic tradition: that is within the rules and conventions of the art academies.  This drawing however is not for an art school examination nor for preparation for a painting.  Like many of us, you, he is drawing as a specialized hobby, (he was an accomplished painter).  We can learn most from him by looking closely at unfinished areas.  Notice how the hand has been sketched tonally in white and black like a skeleton, ready to be developed if time allowed.


Class update - 9th August 2022

As we approach the last of our five Late Summer classes I almost ready to announce a new set of dates for the autumn.

These five classes have been a great success, extremely well attended and with fantastic models.  I wanted to test how we might cope with no booking, no masking and no equipment.  Really it has been like going back in time, pre-c;  so normal that I have had to make an effort to remember to wedge open the doors for extra air flow.

The lack of equipment has been partially solved by using my car as a base for boards, paper, clips and easels.  Yes I leave it unlocked (it's a cheap old car - have it if you want it); and you have been most willing to collect from the car and thankfully take it all back again. However for the future, when it is cold and dark, how will we get the heaters, lights and cables into and out of the class?  Somehow I must marshal you all like pack horses to make the trek to and from the car park.

  Looking further into the future The Meadows, as with Buchan Street, is set to close completely in November prior to demolition.  The new Hub, (save me), currently being built next to the Meadows, is to open at the same time.  I had some input into the new building about three years back when I spoke directly to the architect at the consultation. 

 In summary I am actively looking to run more sessions in the autumn and beyond.  I hope to have news within two or three weeks when I have confirmed the centre booking.


Extend your artistic skills by drawing the figure in expressive life drawing classes. There is expert guidance to enable you to get the most from our inspiring models.

It is a great way to develop and maintain your skill in visual art and can form a core element in your art practice.  Here in Cambridge you can find the best classes which will inspire and enhance your artistic output.

Art students will find the courses fit well with the demands of the A level and beyond especially in preparing a portfolio of artwork for a college application. 

Practising artists also relish the regular discipline of drawing the figure. I offer specialist classes for those involved in graphics and computer games industries. In Cambridge Drawing we use a wide range of models who can help us with topics such as animation, anatomy and character.

There are regular demonstrations on a variety of topics which aim to offer guaranteed success for beginners, and additional insight for those with more experience.

Looking forward to drawing with you!

Derek Batty

Updated 9th August  2022

Earn Money as a Life Model 
Being local to Cambridge is key ...



Pastels Demonstration 
Step by step method of drawing with colour chalk pastels.  Beginning with a quick outline you then block in colours using the side of the pastel.  Follow up with strokes of colour to create optical mixtures. And finally, if necessary, reinforce some outlines.


What You Said About the Class

Anglia Ruskin University 2008
Cambridge artists show off their talent ... 

Buchan Street Centre
Exciting projects including Matt on his yellow motorbike.

Your Local Art Shop in Cambridge

Tindalls Art Shop, sometimes still known as Heffers Art Shop -  the greatest Art shop in Cambridge. Head off to King Street for a huge selection of materials. If in doubt, friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you select the right things.  


    Derek Batty